1. Head of the Marketing Department

Requirements: Higher education in the specialty, knowledge of English and Russian languages, competent PC user, experience in this field is not less than 1-3

Appointed by: General director


Requirements for candidates.

Citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, irrespective of nationality, sex, social origin, property or official status, are accepted for work, able to fulfill the tasks entrusted to the enterprise in accordance with their professional, business, personal and moral qualities.

Management posts are completed by persons with a profile higher education and at least 5 years of work experience in the specialty. When recruiting senior positions, preference is given to candidates included in the personnel reserve.

The posts of specialists are completed, as a rule, by persons with a profile higher education and at least 3 years of work experience in the specialty,

Employees are Appointed by and dismissed from the position held by the General Director of the Enterprise.



Company structure

Workers and engineering staff of JV «UzChasys» LLC pass professional skill improvement courses at the enterprises of South Korea. Each employee actively participates in the process of work organizing, planning and introducing of innovate technologies in production; qualified foreign experts are being regularly attracted in the field of polymer injection, quality control and organization of the production process. A highly qualified professional team has been formed which ensures the uninterrupted operation of the enterprise.

One of the fundamental factors for the success and productivity of the workflow and the enterprise as a whole is the professionalism of the particularly distinguished employees in their work.