Production and technology

The production and technological process is 90% automated and equipped with more than thirty types of robotics. The pride of the enterprise is the high-tech thermoplastic automatic machine "Meiki", unique for the CIS territory, which is 1300 tons of vertical color injection, which allows simultaneous injection in 3 colors.

The technological process of production at JV LLC "UzChacis" is presented as follows:

1st line : INJECTION MACHINES - Horizontal -1300Т 9 units. (LS, Korea) 5 units. (Krauss Maffai, Germany) - Vertical multicolor injection machine - 1300Т 1 units. (MEIKI, Japan)

2st line: COATING AND METALLIZATION LINES - Hard coating: 1st line - PP coating, ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) / ABS coating ,PC (polycarbonate) / PC coating: 2st line - BMC coating: 1st line - direct (1 line) and indirect (2 line) metallization: 3st line

3st line: ASSAMBLY LINE -Small parts assembly– 5st line: - HL assemly – 4st line: - TL assembly – 3st line:

Laboratory tests