JV “UzChasys” LLC announces recruitment of employees for the positions:

- Engineer programmer (higher education, experience in this field for at least 2 years, knowledge of Russian language)

- Head of Financial Services (higher education, work experience in this area for at least 2 years, knowledge of Russian, 1C program)

- The manager of machine tools, and program management of them (higher technical education, experience in this field, shift work, knowledge of the Russian language is welcome)

- Technologist, designer (higher technical education, experience in this field, knowledge of Russian is welcome)

- Economist (higher economic education, work experience in this field, PC literacy, knowledge of Russian)

For the purpose of transparency and in order to avoid corruption, all applicants should complete the questionnaire below. After completing the questionnaire must be sent to the email address: vacancies@uzchasys.uz

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The applicant will be informed about the results of consideration within 5 calendar days.



The production and technological process is 90% automated and equipped with more than thirty types of robotics. The pride of the enterprise is the high-tech thermoplastic automatic machine "Meiki", unique for the CIS territory, which is 1300 tons of vertical color injection, which allows simultaneous injection in 3 colors.

The technological process of production at JV LLC "UzChacis" is presented as follows:

1st line : INJECTION MACHINES - Horizontal -1300Т 9 units. (LS, Korea) 5 units. (Krauss Maffai, Germany) - Vertical multicolor injection machine - 1300Т 1 units. (MEIKI, Japan)

2st line: COATING AND METALLIZATION LINES - Hard coating: 1st line - PP coating, ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) / ABS coating ,PC (polycarbonate) / PC coating: 2st line - BMC coating: 1st line - direct (1 line) and indirect (2 line) metallization: 3st line

3st line: ASSAMBLY LINE -Small parts assembly– 5st line: - HL assemly – 4st line: - TL assembly – 3st line:

Laboratory tests

The next stage of testing for compliance with quality standards is carried out in the laboratory on the following equipment with a total of 15 units:

Dry kiln: testing for resistance to heat and a tendency for heat;

Water Spray Tester (Fountain);

Salt spray tester: corrosion resistance testing;

Water bath: testing for the effect of hot water on painted parts;

Humidity and temperature resistance testing chamber;

External influences resistance tester.

Additional laboratory testing of finished products quality is carried out by a partner company AMS Co. Ltd., which is equipped with 29 units of equipment and includes the following types:

Photometric tester;

Vibration tester;

Hot water tester for painted surfaces;

Bulbs/diodes check tester;

Weather conditions resistance tester;

Water spray tester;

Shower tester;

Dust tester;

Ozone tester;

Corrosion tester;

External impact tester and others.


and new projects

Cruze D1SC localization project

Localization Project Tracker G1UC

Localization procedure

RFQ №2 LOC-0002

dated on 15.06.2017

For interested persons, a list of auxiliary import materials of the JV "UzChacis" LLC to be localized by local enterprises is attached. Responsible person for purchase: Mamadjonov B. +99890 543 36 11


Deadline for submission of offers is

RFQ №1 LOC-0001

dated on 01.02.2017

For interested persons, the list of details of JV LLC "UzChasys" to be localized by local enterprises is attached. Responsible for localization: Parpiev M. +99893 9484105

Rubber parts
Screw Parts
Metal parts
Plastic parts

Deadline for submission of offers is


Our mission

We assist in creating safe cars and are responsible for every item sold. We work to satisfy customers by supplying high-quality, reliable and safe products, developing new products, mastering new technologies, increasing the efficiency of all processes, maximizing the rational use of all types of resources, maintaining a favorable environment for future generations, creating partnerships with employees, the trade union, dealers and suppliers.

Our vision

We strive to reach a higher level among manufacturers of external and internal lighting systems for all types of wheeled vehicles. We are aimed at producing competitive details that do not harm the environment, by the means of:

- increasing the localization level;

- increasing investments volume in the development of new products, new technologies and modernization of production;

- reduction of production costs;

- organizational structure optimization and creating new jobs;

- minimization of specific negative impact on the environment;

- increasing the efficiency of the use of natural and energy sources;

- taking measures aimed at preventing the occurrence of incidents, injuries, and also aimed at preserving people's health.

Our values

- value of people;

- customer focus;

- safety;

- partnership;

- effectiveness.

The leadership of the enterprise, fully aware of the responsibility to the interested parties, including the state, customers, suppliers, partners, owners and personnel, assumes the following obligations:

- to be customer-focused, meet its requirements and strive to exceed expectations, preserve existing and master new product markets, improve product quality based on customer requirements and expectations;

- to ensure a careful attitude to the property of the enterprise and customers;

- to respect the priority of life and health of people in relation to the result of production activities;

- to observe a balance the interests of the company and society when using natural resources;

- to comply with legislative, regulatory and other applicable and accepted requirements with respect to the quality of products, processes and activities of the enterprise, including in the field of health and safety, environmental safety and energy efficiency;

- to develop mutually beneficial relations with suppliers, to comply with their contractual obligations;

- improve existing and introduce new technologies, replace and modernize equipment, improve conditions and improve work safety, use modern resource-saving and low-waste technologies that ensure the prevention of environmental pollution;

- to ensure energy security and energy efficiency of the enterprise, support the purchase of energy-efficient products and services;

- to ensure openness and transparency of information on its activities in the field of quality, ecology, health and safety, energy efficiency for all stakeholders;

- to implement the principles of a socially-oriented and responsible enterprise;

- to create conditions conducive to active participation of personnel in solving problems of quality, ecology, health and safety, energy efficiency; to promote the growth of their knowledge and skills necessary to perform work without harming themselves, the surrounding people and the environment;

- to ensure the functioning and improvement of the enterprise management system taking into account the risk-oriented approach;

- to implement a policy of corporate responsibility;

- to carry out the appropriate analysis and assessment of ongoing work to determine the results achieved and ensure compliance with the principles set out in this policy;

- to create value added in production, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes;

- to provide necessary resources and appropriate conditions for successful operation;

- to develop and constantly improve the enterprise management system.

This policy extends to all structural divisions of the enterprise, is communicated to all employees of JV UzChasys LLC and persons working for or on behalf of the enterprise and is available to the public and other interested persons.

The leadership of the enterprise assumes responsibility for the implementation of this policy, its actualization, for ensuring understanding and support of the policy by all employees of the enterprise.

Our certificates

IATF 16949 2016 ICIM

ISO 14001

ISO 50001

OHSAS 18001

ISO 9001 2015 IQNet

ISO 9001 2015 ICIM